Friday, June 8, 2007

4th Anniversary

Today is Al and my4th wedding anniversary!

The weather has cleared up after 4 days of gloom. Nice weather for gardening so Al planted the last of the lavender and he called it our Anniversary plant :)

Funny...we both got greeting cards both at Angstrom (Micron's store).

Al's card had 2 lovey-dovey cats on the front; while inside, the dedication goes like this:

Dearest Rela,


We can do anything!!!
By God's grace and will...

Happy Anniversary.

Love you!

My card was more serious since I remembered that Al gave me a serious card on my birthday - more on that another time. Anyway, the dedication goes like this:

For My Husband With Love on Our Anniversary...

Dearest Al,

The best times I've ever had in my life have been with you...
the most fun and laughter, the sweetest moments, the greatest closeness...
you're my partner, my lover, my friend,
and every day I'm thankful to be sharing my life with such a wonderful man.

Happy 4th Anniversary.

Much Love,

Dinner was at Carrabas in Eagle, Idaho which we previously were not even minding until we went to Orlando, Florida last March. We finally took a closer look at it then since my cousins Bob and Marilyn Yamnitz' store was in the same complex as Carrabas. We discovered it was an Italian restaurant and so we added it to tour mental list of places to check out when we get back. Soup was very good - I think it was minestrone! Pizza was burned. Ambiance was just ok.

Great day to simply celebrate God's goodness in our lives! Praise Him!!!


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