Monday, May 26, 2008

Austin Town Lake Bike and Hike Trail

Finally used my "new" bike at the Austin Town Lake Bike and Hike Trail last Saturday. Al and I met up with Joey there. We covered about 4 miles only but it was a good exercise both for the body and the "soul". It felt great being outdoors biking, with the wind on my face while enjoying the view.

The Town Lake trail is a beautiful place - lots of canopied trees, with clear views of and access to the waters, with the city skyline in the background. Reminds me of the Boise River and greenbelt where June and I trained (partly) for the Robie Creek Marathon in 2006 - without the skyline view. The trees are different too - most of the trees in Boise were cottonwood. I do not exactly know what the trees are in the Austin Town Lake trails but I suspect, there are a lot of live oaks (I think!).

Check out our route through the Town Lake trails!

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There were plenty of people on the trails and an eclectic bunch at that! From babies to grandparents, from the midriff/chest-baring buffs to the modestly-dressed folks, from different races as well. I was surveying (in my head) what the most common activities were at the Town Lake trail and they are in this order - walking (briskly), running, strolling, biking, kids playing on the sides, and there was even one man sitting atop a retaining wall, playing the guitar, singing and greeting passers-by!

One common thing though seems to be that everyone came out to enjoy the nice weather - warm, overcast, comfortable! Even the turtles!!! Check them out in the slideshow below :)

On the Austin Town Lake waters, it was exciting to see vigorous rowers and relaxed kayakers at different places. Rowing looks hard but I would like to do both in the future!


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