Thursday, May 1, 2008

Black on Yella (Pictures)

WARNING!!! The sn*ke pictures were banished to this post - separate from the earlier post. So if you are getting this in the email or Google Reader (or Bloglines, My Yahoo, etc), then do NOT go to this post if you don't like to see them again! (Even if I have a new picture of poor Daddy Ely's poor snake's here!)

Blog friend Julie from My Journey to Family confirmed what I was thinking all along - the sn*ke pictures were a bad idea. At least for us ladies who are squirmy about them.

Well, if you did click on the email or the reader... Yes, you've come to the right place. This is the companion post to the 9/5/2008 post. This is where the sn*ke photos are.

Are you sure you want to see these???

Well, brave fella, here you go...

This is supposed to be poisonous - "Black on yella, Kill a fella.". This is a rattlesnake. (Or at least part of it)

This is supposed to be non-poisonous - "Yella on black, Venom lack.". This is a gartersnake.

This is poor Daddy Ely's poor snake, which we think is also a gartersnake.

Anyway, do you think the mnemonic is useful? Can you guess whether this is poisonous or not?

Okey, for the last time then...
"Black on yella, Kill a fella.
Yella on black, Venom lack."


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