Wednesday, July 16, 2008

More Places to Visit in San Antonio, TX

This is the last of my San Antonio installment - The Guenther House and Oak Hills Church - but definitely not the last places you can visit. There's still plenty more that we have to explore in this city. We plan to go back in late August to show the Manigsaca's around San Antonio and also to potentially attend Beth Moore's Living Proof Live. Meanwhile, here are the 2 places we visited last month during our anniversary road trip.

The Guenther House
We serendipituously discovered this historic place while we were strolling around the King William District. At the southern end of the San Antonio River's wider path is this restored house of the Guenthers - the founding family of the Pioneer Flour Mills - in the same ground as the still very functional flour mill and silos.

The house serves as a museum that showcases the architecture, home furniture and decors of the bygone era, and of course the company's history. It also contains the souvenir and retail store with lots of cool stuff including their own specialty flours. The house has a restaurant and is open for rent as a banquet facility. Good resting and snack place before resuming the stroll back to the Beauregard House.

Oak Hills Church
This is Max Lucado's church. Except from hearing him in person in the free CBN taping last year, I don't really know him but he's authored lots of books that I usually see in Family Christian Bookstore. I've always been intrigued with the one entitled "Cure for the Common Life" but have not really dug into it. Maybe someday... Or maybe the CD version is a better idea for road trips...hmmm....

They've got a big building mostly for ministries - see the map above. They have 3 locations and on the Sunday that we visited, the pastor for the Latino location was the speaker. I frankly can't remember his message very well but I what remember is that he used the Miguel de Cervantes' Don Quixote/Man from La Mancha. Again, I forgot the context. :( I know I took some notes... now if I can just find them...

Anyway, just closing on the places we explored last month from our anniversary road trip. I don't think this would be the last San Antonio places you'll hear from me though. With just 1 hour drive away, we definitely will be back there in no time. And I will bring back the pictures to share with you!

So, am I being successful in luring you all to come visit us here in the heart of Texas? :)


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