Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Birthday...

...dear Al!
Happy birthday, dear Al!
Happy birthday, happy birthday!
Happy birthday, dear Al!!!

My honey-bunny just turned another year older, and wiser :)

The good news is that all my recipes turned out delicious (ehem, ehem...) - lumpia shanghai, arroz valenciana and chicken barbeque. Josh even said "Good job in cooking (the lumpia)." :)

Shiela and Joey cooked sweet and sour lapu-lapu (red snapper). (Where's the pancit?) Hehehe...

The bad news is the Mamang Luisa is soo sick she could not even get out of her room and does not have the appetite to sample the food! They're at urgent care right now and should be back in a few hours and we'll know what's ailing her.

Meanwhile, here's to another good week ahead of all of us!


ThinkersEntrerprise July 14, 2008 at 12:07 AM  

Hello mga kapatid,
A more blessed year to come for Kuya Al and for Ate Rela.

Magpakadami kayo ate and kuya, para dumami ang magagaling tumugtog ng piano and kumanta sa Panginoon.

Be blessed more...and more

A Few of My Favorite Songs

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