Friday, July 11, 2008

The Manigsaca's are Here!

Daddy Eli and Mamang Luisa arrived last Wednesday night! They're body clocks are still adjusting to Austin time, so we're taking it easy on them - no tourist stuff yet until Saturday. Except for a trip to Home Depot...

Anyway, they are enjoying Josh, how much he's grown and how fluent he's speaking now. They've got 'rithmetic lessons lined up!

Yesterday night, we just walked to the amenity center, showed them around the grounds and lounged at the outdoor patio there. Very nice weather - not hot, not warm, not humid, not cold either - just right! I hope it stays this way throughout summer!

Meanwhile, we are enjoying healthy vegetable and fish cooking (no sauteing in oil!) called "sari-sari" (loose translation = "all different" or "mixture of somethings"). Yummy-yummy! And guilt-free, too! I gotta apprentice on this while they are here so that I can do that too even after they return to the Philippines.

BTW, we spruced up their room a bit - Home Depot's Behr paint $20 and Ikea stuff (thanks Ikea for your affordable stuff!) - and I do say it looks good! Will take a photo one of these days and include it here.

Have a good week-end, everyone, and I will post more next week!


tin,  July 12, 2008 at 4:47 PM  

praise God for their safe trip. please give our regards to mamang & papang :)

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