Thursday, July 3, 2008

Historic King William District in San Antonio, TX

The Beauregard House bed and breakfast in San Antonio, TX was in the historic King William District. So while there, we thoroughly enjoyed our stroll through the King William District that we did it twice - on Saturday afternoon and then on Sunday morning again. We admired the old-style houses, mostly well-maintained and had lush landscaping.

We also walked through a very quiet part of the San Antonio River. HEB grocery headquarters are nearby and along the river also. (Trivia - this estate-like HEB HQ used to be a US Arsenal built in 1859 to furnish munitions to Texas frontier forts. It served as a supply depot in the Civil War, as well as during both World Wars. In 1985, HEB bought the 10 acre site and undertook adapted use of the original buildings. It is said that HEB was instrumental in reviving this part of the river/town.). Very nice place to take a walk - highly recommended!

As I mentioned earlier, I have limited photos throughout our stay. However, I saw these photos in the web that had the old-style houses in the King William District.

Enjoy this in your mind right now. When you come visit us, will take you there!

So when are you coming over to visit? :)


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