Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Who Knew Facepainting is Soooo In Demand?

The church did facepainting first at the Dripping Springs' Founder's Day. Then we did it again at the Dripping Springs' Fourth of July Celebration, like I mentioned in yesterday's post on the fireworks.

The facepainting team worked with no break from 6:30-8:30pm on a long line of customers until it was dark and even after the fireworks already started.

Check out the many, cute painted faces below - the butterflies, the flags, Spiderman, kitty-cats, the leopard, the in-demand dragons and even yellow skeletons (hahaha!!!)

It's fun! Maybe you can do facepainting on your next event too - or maybe at your child's birthday party? What you'll need is just materials and designs.

Materials - you can just search "face paint" from these websites:

  • S&S Worldwide - Free shipping on order $49+. Use coupon code W2437 during checkout. Valid until 12/31/2008.

  • Oriental Trading - Free shipping on order $60+. Use coupon code rls 100 during checkout. Valid until 10/4/2008.

  • Kuzsports

Designs - here are sampling of resources:



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