Saturday, August 23, 2008

Do You Live Where Gas Price is High?

When we relocated to Boise, Idaho in June 2003, gasoline was $1.50 per gallon. More than 5 years later today, gas price is at about $4 per gallon (167% increase) . That is about 50 cents per year increase. (In Philippine peso, that would be about PHP20 increase per year in the gas price.)

Take a look at this gas price analysis per US county from New Jersey Gas Prices and see if you live where it is the highest:

Now in the Philippines, that is another story. I forgot how much gas price was when we left in 2003 but my brother thinks it was PHP29 then (or PHP120 per gallon or $3 per gallon). Look at how much it is now - PHP62 per liter (~100% increase). That would be PHP248 per gallon (or roughly $6 per gallon)!

Wow... although the Philippine gas price increase is less than the US (100% vs 167%), the "absolute" amount is higher ($6 vs $4) by 50%(in 2008)-100% (in 2003). I did know this until now and I feel sad because our folks back home are being hit by a double whammy - lesser disposable income and higher gas price.

With the gas price rising, the rest of the basic commodities rise in price too. In the Philippines, Ben and Sarah Horton (remember them from a previous post?) blogged last April 29 about the Cost of Necessities. When I have time, I would like to put those Philippine prices side by side the US prices. That should be interesting...

I also looked at some fastfood prices in the Philippines:
- Jolibee's Sulit Sarap RiceMeals A which consists of 5 pieces of Shanghai Rolls and 1 cup of rice costs PHP39.
- Wendy's Chili Rice - my favorite meal now costs PHP38. It increased by about 100% too since we left in 2003 (PHP20).

Everything has gone up. A LOT. Depressing to think about.

So, why don't we all have a frugal week-end and probably plan of ways we can help our relatives, friends and kababayans back home!

Meanwhile, here's EGGONOMICS that was sent through our high school batch e-group about how we can probably effect a lower gas price through our own small ways.

Any gas-saving tip you'd like to share?


Dawn August 23, 2008 at 11:18 AM  

That is depressing to see how much things have gone up. Driving slower (65ish) is supposed to save gas, but who can do that??? People would get run over here if they tried it! Have a great weekend!

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