Friday, May 30, 2008

"Freebies" from Nature Made

Tin-tin was the one who introduced me to the Nature Made's "Wellness Rewards". (Nature Made is a brand of multi-vitamins and other health supplements. We take multi-vitamin tablets everyday to supplement the food we are taking in. We don't really put too much attention to them although some would argue that some multi-vitamins are better than others.)

Anyway, this Nature Made multi-vitamins have codes in their containers. These codes are inputted into an account in the Nature Made website - of course, you need to create an account first. Each code has an equivalent number of points and they accumulate.

There's a couple of rewards - "high value coupons, DVDs and more". The choices for "DVDs and more" are actually very limited.

As for the "high value coupons" to discount Nature Made multi-vitamins...
- You can't use them in Costco stores where the unit price is lowest.
- You can use them in but you'll have to pay for shipping.
- You can also use them in Walmart and other stores accepting manufacturer's coupon.

The best deal still for buying Nature Made muti-vitamins is from Costco stores when they are on sale - that even brings the unit price even lower.

Anyway, after 3 containers of Nature Made multi-vitamins, I now had more than 500 points! I used it to redeem 2 items:

- Classical Sampler CD (The only artist I knew among them was Sarah Chang, violin prodigy.) It is now our newest driving music.

- Denise Austin's Wellness Zone Workout DVD (This is actually a simple 30 minute workout with not much accessories needed. Simple is good! The workout is divided into 3 10-minute parts from beginner to maintenance to challenging workouts.) I did the Beginner workout today which consists of stretches only. Even if the exercises are low-impact, it was successful in raising my pulse. I like the lady's encouraging style too - not like the overly excited or drill sergeant-like tones of other exercise videos.

Not too bad for freebies, huh?


Carolyn June 4, 2009 at 7:14 AM  

I ordered the Wellness Zone DVD and I can't play it with Windows Media Player. What software is needed?

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