Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Knock, Knock... Business-to-Consumer

Knock, knock.
Who's there?
Business-to-Consumer who?

Glad you asked.

This weekend, the doorbell was rung by a friendly-looking father and son (about 7 years old maybe) team. The father was holding a basket full of "goodies". He explained that they were distributing "welcome baskets" to new residents in the area.

The father proceeded to say that they only accept reputable businesses - those they themselves were using - to be included in their welcome baskets. He gave examples of what is included like complimentary golf for 2, discount coupons, etc. At that point, I was so ready to grab the basket even if it is not the most attractive "welcome basket" I have seen, but he was not yet ready to give it to me.

I needed to fill out a small form to "show the businesses that I indeed received the welcome basket", which I happily completed with even my email and phone number! The funny thing is that if this was an offer done in the streets or even the internet, I may not have exchanged those information for the freebies. That, I think is the power of face-to-face transactions!

Other stuff contained in the ugly welcome basket that I "bought" with my email and phone number are:

For the house/garden:
- Geo Growers flyswatter (yes, we need this!)
- Culligan water purification discount
- Impact Solutionz Door memo pad
- Appearance Plus window tinting post-it
- Efficient Barrier Solutions discount
- Harmony Construction light catcher window decor

Legal/Financial services:
- Prepaid Legal velcro strap
- Wells Fargo travel mug
- CPA fan (yes, we need this too!)
- Edward Jones coaster
- Farmers Insurance foam can holder

For the body:
- Studio 1826 spa discount and bath salts (ummm...delicious!)
- Family First Chiropractor pens and foam can holders

For the car:
- Lawson free oil change
- Camper Clinic RV sales, rentals

For other luxuries :)
- Dogadillo discount and dog bisquit
- Grey Rock complimentary golf
- Martial Arts lesson discount

The "business-minded" antenna within me that I am training had an "aha" moment also when I saw the business card that was tied to the basket. It states "Business to Consumer Bridge for a Stronger Community". What a great idea!

Perhaps this was their full-time business. Or perhaps they are doing this on week-ends only. The latter makes sense since most of the homeowner would be out working during the weekdays while they are more probably at home during the weekends! Again, looks like a sound business model!

Maybe that gives an idea to some of you looking for a business or working from home?

Anyway, sorry for the lame Knock, knock earlier. If you can think of a last line on that, let me know. Meanwhile, for this house in Austin, it is actually "ding, dong"!


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