Sunday, June 29, 2008

What - No Blog Posts for a Week?

Yes, that's right... a week has passed with no blog post from us... For someone staying at home like myself, seems like I have plenty of time to blog away. Right?

Yes, in a way... But the opposite is true though these days. You see, I have started a couple of other websites and have been engaged heavily on developing them. There's plenty of learn - and that's fun! I have always loved learning new things!

The downside is that I have not been here to post for a week. In order to "redeem" myself, I have the next week's posts lined up already:

Flora That Feels Like the Philippines
A Cultural Celebration at the McNay
Our First Bed and Breakfast Experience
So Where is your Economic Stimulus Check Now?
Typhoon Frank

Actually, I've got plenty more of pent-up topics that I have not been able to prioritize, so will go through them one by one. (You might be the one who'll give up first after you see the coming posts!)

So, I hope you're looking forward to hear from me more this week! :)


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