Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yes! David Cook is the American Idol Winner!!!

Back in March when Leanne was visiting, she asked me who my favorite American Idol contestant was. My favorites were Michael, David Cook, Syesha and to some degree, Brooke. I never thought that one of them is going to be come the American Idol winner.

The common thing about all of them is that they seem to "feel" their songs and thus are able to "own it" and interpret them "from the heart". Thus, they and their songs speak to me. To me, that is the most important factor for one to be an American Idol winner.

David Archuleta is cute and has a better voice, I agree. So I thought he would be the next American Idol winner. But I just don't connect with him. To me, it's like Lea Salonga singing Sharon Cuneta's "Sana'y Wala Ng Wakas" in a concert right after her West-end stint with Ms Saigon. Lea has a a very beautiful, pristine voice but she did not have the street cred yet to sing the song. (Don't get me wrong, I really like Lea. She is now more mature and she is even a more awesome performer! My point is that, there are songs that fit the person/personality.)

David Cook, I like despite what I think is eyeliner under his eyes! He looks scruffy but at the same time "simpatico". He sings with gusto and even if most of the time, I do not know the song he is singing - that in itself shows that he had the makings of becoming the American Idol winner. I like the energy David Cook exudes and he is not very self-conscious when performing.

Frankly, I did not watch lot of the American Idol shows but kept tab of them in the news. So when Michael, Brooke and Syesha were eliminated, David Cook was the only contestant left for me to root for. I had hoped David Cook would become the new American Idol winner.

Truth betold, I thought David Archuleta will be the American Idol winner because of the seemingly high publicity he has from the media. So, I actually jumped happily and pumped my arm when Ryan Seacrest announced that David Cook is the new American Idol winner. And to think that I am not even a voter so David Cook has nothing to thank me for. :)

There you go, folks. David Cook, 2008 American Idol winner. Yes!!! Am excited to see what songs he will be recording. Will David Cook follow the path of Daugherty?

So which David was your bet to become the American Idol winner? Which among the other American Idol contestants were your favorites?


Li,  May 22, 2008 at 1:53 PM  

I was rooting for Brooke all along - I like her coz I love the folksy flower child genre in the same mold as James Taylor, Jim Croce, Cat Stevens, Sheryl Crow, Fleetwood Mac... plus I think she has this pure goodness that cannot be tainted by the twisted, selfish, clueless culture that is showbiz

Rela Pantaleon-Manigsaca May 23, 2008 at 10:42 PM  

I suspect Brooke will get a recording contract or a TV show despite getting eliminated. I hope she stays "untainted".

Mee May 31, 2008 at 2:22 AM  

yehey! go David Cook!

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