Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Austin Real Estate Musings

Dear Husband and I have decided that Circle C is the location for us.

+ It is near(er) to work. We do not have to deal with the Y (where US-290 and US-71 split). (Am sure, eventually the Y will become a non-issue. How soon? Don't know when, so meanwhile, we do not want to deal with it.)
+ It has a nearby commercial complex. Not much but at least a nearby place to do the groceries - H.E.B. We checked it out and the place was a bit dark (similar feel as Winco). The deli looks delish! Also, they have upo and ampalaya in abundance!
+ Its streets are wide and the sidewalk is great for walking, running and biking!
+ It is very near the parks where we can do further walking, running and biking!
+ It has its own swim center and residents have access to the tennis courts and golf course.

The big thing I am not sure about is the size of the house. The Boise house was 2164 sqft and we were bouncing is a big box already then. A 2400 sqft house in Austin will already be bigger than the Boise house. How much more a 3000 sqft house???


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