Tuesday, September 2, 2008

How'd You Spend the Labor Day Long Weekend?


We used the long week-end to recharge...


We biked to the gym at the Amenity Center. While on the treadmill......we realized that we could see our house partly.

Our house is the one in the middle.

We also played a little basketball.

And we even bowled on late Sunday night to avail of their $1 promo.

Al and I had some beginner's luck on a few (really few) frames. Take a closer look at our scores. Hahaha!!!
I should have just programmed my turn as a child so that I can have those wonderful bumpers (or rails) on the side of the lane to prevent my throws from going to the canal! Anyway, it was fun, specially to see the kids bowl!

I, as usual, was on the computer - worked on different blog post ideas and made a few minor revisions to the church website.

Al continued reading his PHP book and explored Joomla so that he could map out the plan on how to make the desired changes for the church website.

We were refreshed with our visits with people in church last Sunday and over Friday dinner before our Experiencing God study.

I wrote (yes, handwritten) letters and read up on fellow Lousiana bloggers who are contending with Gustav. (Do these count?)

And oh, Monday dinner with the Herrons after making their PC work!

That's how the long weekend went! And it went too fast. I need more hours in my day!!!

How about you?


Julie September 3, 2008 at 12:05 AM  

hello from Hungary, Debbie from BATW featured you today. So I thought I would stop by. It looks like you had a great labor day! Have a great week julie

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