Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Baltimore and its Aquarium - Want To See A Real Shark?

Here you go...

This one above is real...

But this one below is not real, just a replica of the multi-layer teeth of some big shark's (how technical was that? :) ).

But to appreciate the Baltimore Aquarium even better, I managed to put together this video so that you can see them in action - seahorses, dolphins, turtles, stingrays, odd-looking fish, and more! The sharks are at the end of the video.

And I really have to showcase these digging fish separately - they are so cute, so adorable. They seem to be staring at us! Look at those eyes... (watch it in high quality!)

Check out the rest of the photos in the Baltimore Aquariums.


Baltimore was not really in our itinerary but with Totoy's stories about the Aquarium, Al got excited in going there. It is along the way, anyway. The entrance fee was about $20 each... I thought that was steep but okay, I got to show and tell some videos.

What made my jaw drop though was the parking fee - less than 3 hours for $18. And perhaps I was in shock that I could not find the parking ticket as we were to exit. To my horror, the parking attendant said the policy for lost ticket was $20. That would make our parking fee cost $38 - waaahhhhh!!! Ann eventually found the parking ticket inside my bag. Phew!!! That was close.

(For those of you visiting there in the future: Do NOT park on the parking building on the same side of the Aquarium. Instead, park on the parking building across the street from the Aquarium because you can have your parking ticket validated and save the $$$.)

Meanwhile, check out the photos we took in Baltimore. Nice city.


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