Friday, November 14, 2008

Pilgrim UCC - Yet Still Another Church ...

... on the Same Sunday during our NYC vacation!

And see, we really were becoming good of this subway thing that we even have photo-ops there!

We serendipitously met 2 Filipina ladies near the subway station who turned out to be going to the same church we were looking for. What is the chance that in both churches that we went to, that this would happen??? Once again, God is in control!

After meeting Uncle Saling and Auntie Jane, we met other interesting Filipinos in the congregation, too! Manong, this is the picture with Dayday Malaki - tell Sal I met his sister. Small world, 'no?

In Pilgrim UCC, Daddy, Mamang, Al and Ann sung Blessed Assurance with the choir "impromptu" while I conveniently volunteered to document the event. Here's the proof:

Not bad... not bad at all!

It was Reformation Sunday so I got some history from the preaching. Key things I picked up:
1. Protestare (Latin) - to witness, a testimony
2. Sola Fides (Faith alone)
Sola Gracia (Grace alone)
Sola Scriptura (Scripture alone) - scripture prevails over tradition.
3. So does your life show (reflect) your salvation?

And what is a Filipino church without a meal afterwards??? Of course there was pot luck! (Or pot bless as some would call it.)

Anyhow, my interest on the banduria was piqued when Maestro Michael Dadap played some parts of the song towards the end. This is Mr Dadap advicing me how to use the pick. He must have been horrified how I was doing the tremolo on his $500 banduria :)


A Few of My Favorite Songs

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