Thursday, October 16, 2008

MOURNING - Death of a Parent

In lieu of "My Husband Rocks" post today, I am posting on 3 men who passed away in the past week... And although all of us (no one is exempted) eventually go that way too, their deaths struck a chord in me.

They are all aging fathers… and it reminded me of losing my own Dad about 8 years ago, too. But today, I just wanted to share a few words about these fathers. I will publish separate posts about them to honor their memories. Bear with me in the next few days...

Manong Idrong
is husband to Manang Atang and father to Manong Peter and Carm. We were neighbors in San Marcelino, Zambales for as long as I can remember. Manang Atang and my mother were very close - mutual confidante to each other. Carm and I went to the University of the Philippines together and even became dorm mate and roommate then. I was part of her wedding entourage. That is how close our families are… and I feel the loss of his passing away too.

Attorney Quiano
is Kathy's dad. I have always felt that he and his family were a fresh addition to small town San Marcelino - him with his different and large ideas. I was very touched by the poem Kathy posted on her Facebook (I think it is an original by Kathy's husband) since it resonated a lot with me.

Smokey Jackson
is Pastor Jeff Jackson's father. I have met him once only but I knew about him from the stories that Pastor Jeff and D'Lynda shared. Last Sunday when I asked how he was, D'Lynda said something very obvious but yet sometimes difficult to put into the right words - "he is feeling better yesterday but he is dying".


Our fathers are precious -
… spend as much time as you can with them
… give them your FULL attention
… be patient with them even when they are difficult

Because when they are gone, they are physically gone.



We can see each other again if we believe that God exists, God loves us (very much!), we are separated from him because of sin, heaven exists, and that Jesus is the only Way - no other name - to God and eternity in heaven.

We can see each other again if we make Jesus our Savior and Lord. It is easy to "say the prayer" but God is not mocked - he knows if we truly mean what we are saying. Also, it is not humanly easy to follow Jesus as Lord because we have to take up our cross and deny ourselves in this world of self-entitlement. But is there really a better way to live now and for eternity?


Meanwhile, Paul's instructions about love is found in his letter to the Romans contains this in 12:15b -"mourn with those who mourn". So off I go to 2 funerals this week…

You guys have a great weekend though...


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