Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Real "Cops" Moment

Last Wednesday, I was in such a hurry since I was already late for a get-together with the ladies in town... and I still had to drop off Daddy Ely at Josh's house... and I still had to pick up my "secret" Asian food :) for the Asian get-together theme.

It should have served as a warning to me when I saw a big truck being ticketed a few meters from the subdivision entrance.

But of course, I was so deep in my thoughts about calculating how fast I should drive on the backroads to minimize my tardiness.

Then as I approached the 20mph zone while running at 35 mph, I saw 2 motorcycle cops... 1 of them followed after me. No siren, no flashing lights. Phew!!!

But a few meters later, I noticed his flashing lights. At first, I was confused whether it was me. Aaaarrrgggghhhh!!!! But of course it was me since there are not other cars in the immediate vicinity. Panic!!!

So I pulled over and this is how my conversation with Officer S. Lucio went:

RELA: Good morning, officer.
OFFICER: Good morning, ma'am. Did you know that you were running at 55 on a 40 zone?

RELA: Ahhhh... not really...
OFFICER: May I have your driver's license and insurance please?

RELA: (Pulls DL and insurance and gives them to officer.)
OFFICER: (Checks the docs.) Do you still live in William Cannon Drive?

RELA: No, officer, I no longer live there. I live over yonder (no I did not use that word :) )
OFFICER: Since when have you moved?

RELA: About 10 months ago...
OFFICER: Okay, I will explain this to you later. (Goes back to his motorcycle, pulls out his folder and starts scribbling.)

RELA: (Thinking to self - Oh, no! My insurance premium will go up! I will pay for the speeding ticket - more expenses! Just when I am in a hurry, I end up being more late! I should have trusted my instinct earlier to drive within limits! I should have heeded my own mantra of "better alive and late than dead and on time")
OFFICER: (Comes back to the driver's seat area.)

RELA: Is there forgiveness here, officer? (Takes off shades, bats eyelashes... no, I did not do that...despite the "desperation".)
OFFICER: I will explain this to you...

RELA: (Thinking to self - Sounds hopeful!!!)
OFFICER: I will give you a citation for speeding as a warning only. Otherwise, the fine will be steep.

RELA: Thank you, officer!
OFFICER: As for your driver's licence, you will need to call the Judge before Nov 20. Before you do that, have your DL changed to your current address so that when you call they will dismiss it and will just charge you $10. (Only!!! Dance of joy!!! Anyway, I forgot what the $10 was really for, perhaps for processing fee or something like that???)

RELA: Thank you very much, officer!
OFFICER: You're welcome, ma'am. Drive safely.

So that is my first real "COPS" moment. I am just so grateful that I did not get a speeding ticket!

Praise God for being in control even in this small detail of my life!


Ariel October 23, 2008 at 3:34 PM  

Good for you! Well in my case I didn't get any 'warning' ticket on my first offense. $270 down the drain! Well I learned my lesson the costly way. Here's a tip to prevent you from overspeeding next time : Try to clip that ticket on your rear-view mirror as reminder whenever you are tempted to overspeed. I tried that for about a week after my offense and it has stuck with me since then. :D

nel's bebi October 23, 2008 at 7:56 PM  

naku! buti warning lang :)

flor trabado-esteban October 30, 2008 at 9:16 PM  

It pays to be mahinahon (calm) and magalang (courteous) always!

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