Sunday, October 19, 2008

Not Yet Done

This is the poem that I mentioned last Friday's post in Kathy's Facebook when she shared her Dad's death.

When I needed you to raise my child,
The way you have raised me;
Not yet done,

To spend more time with you,
To argue and debate with you,
For you to tell me how much you love me,
And I, half turn to go, tell you how much I love you.
Not yet done;

Not yet done,
In showing you my child,
The same child you had always wished for me to have
Not yet done,
To share with you the joy of my motherhood,
When even I nearly lost hope,
Not yet done;

Not yet done,
For you to help me with my dreams,
To help me with my wedding plans,
And to walk me holding my hands;
Not yet done;

Oh Dear God, I'm not yet done,
But in my Faith I keep,
I let go and look back
How you raised all of us, me
In that respect,
Dear Dad ...

So well you've done."

Just like Kathy, I have so much gratefulness for my parents and how they raised me even through my rebellious phase.

Just like Kathy, I settled down late in life... so bearing children is a real challenge.

Just like Kathy, I would have loved to have my parents see their grandchildren and perhaps help raise them too.

But the Lord has other plans.

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