Thursday, December 11, 2008

It's Beginning To Look Like Christmas!

… even before the oh-so-rare Texan snowfall last Tuesday night!

Dripping Springs, TX (yes, that's the name of our small town) had its Christmas Bazaar last weekend and we checked it out. Not too many booths like the Founder's Day event but there are interesting things to see like:

  • Ball décors with the Texas flag designs (Yup, Texans are proud!)
  • Christmas clothes with Texas map shape designs (… really proud!)
  • Carriage which Santa's supposed to ride on
  • Mini-horse dressed like a reindeer :)
  • Chandelier made out of elk/deer horns
  • Wood furnitures

And of course, there were food booths and live music (after all, live music capital Austin is just a stone throw away) entertaining the bazaar-goers. Not much to see or do, really. So we did not linger much and then off we go...


A Few of My Favorite Songs

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