Saturday, December 20, 2008

My Wish List

And another break … this time, from one of our sponsors. :)

Have not decided what to get yourself for Christmas? Not me! I have actually been "using" Amazon's Wish List for some time now to collect my wanna-haves. With online shopping becoming more prevalent these days, Amazon has continuously made it easier.

Anyway, back to My Wish ListI actually have posted this earlier (since last Tuesday) at the lower left corner of this blog. (I didn't place it in a more prominent spot because I am still a little bit shy of telling people what I want to get from Christmas. Hello!!! Now, that IS a great idea!

So, Amazon has this Wish List capability so that:

  • You can have multiple lists.
  • You can make each list private (only you can see those you'd like to remain secret) or public (so you can show others what you wish for).
  • You can avoid spoiled surprises (like knowing that someone got you an item from your wish list) .
  • You can send the wish list by email (or if you have a website/blog like moi, you can add them as a widget too!).
  • You can add items from ANY website (not just Amazon)!!! This way, you can keep track of all you wanna-haves in just ONE PLACE. How cool is that???

Well, after checking My Wish List, go build your own Wish List in Amazon and post back the link here so that we'll know what what you want! :)


retro girl December 20, 2008 at 1:42 PM  

Great idea on the Amazon wish list...I always have problems telling my DH what I want come Christmas time - what a great way to keep track throughout the year. Happy Holidays!

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